A solution that gives you the tools you need to grow your business and get paid faster.

Online secure HIPAA compliant portal with 24/7 accessibility

Covers your needs from Rx to invoice

Fast invoice creation, ability to easily track cases and generate reports

New! Updated Doctor Portal with collections services, payment-to-patient reconciliation, doctor benefits, doctor payment insight reports and much more.

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New! Updated
Doctor Portal

The answer to your month end woes, a solution that helps you get paid faster

Automatic payment-to-patient

Collections services: hassle-free
way to collect payments

Doctor benefits including
automatic monthly payments

Doctor payment insight

Optional payment reminders

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Be proactive,
get protected

Services that put you back in control of your time, take care of your staff, and run your lab efficiently:

Every 2 seconds an American becomes a victim of identity theft. Don't let yourself or anyone in your lab get caught unprepared. Identity theft protection powered by IDT Safeguard provides you with monitoring and restoration services so that no one loses time on the bench.

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Talk to a U.S. board-certified MD, specialist, or pediatrician discreetly anytime, from any device, anywhere (even at work or vacation). Monthly plans of $9.95 covers you, your spouse and your dependent children. Provide this for yourself and your lab staff and never miss a day of work for a doctor’s appointment again!

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