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Get paid faster with evident payment systems

You and your clients will benefit from:
  • Automatic payment-to-patient reconciliation
  • Conflict-free way to collect payments
  • Doctor benefits including automatic monthly payments
  • Doctor payment insight reports
  • Optional payment reminders
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payment systems

Grow your business
with evident labs

Online convenience: Pay and submit cases online through our secure, HIPAA-compliant portal.
Achieve more: We empower your lab and cover all needs from Rx to invoice.
Increase efficiency: Quickly create invoices, track cases and generate reports so you can stop doing paperwork and get back to your cases.
Anywhere, Anytime: Access your lab from any device.
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Be Proactive, Get Protected

Identity Theft Protection: Every 2 seconds an American becomes a victim of identity theft. Don't get caught unprepared. Identity theft protection powered by IDT Safeguard provides you with monitoring and restoration services.
Telehealth: Talk to a U.S. board-certified MD, specialist, or pediatrician discreetly anytime, from any device, anywhere (even at work or vacation!). Monthly plans of $9.95 covers you, your spouse and your dependent children.

Manage your outsourcing needs

Earn Money: Leverage the network effect and grow your business. You will increase your service offering with a wide range of milling centers and labs all in one place.
Improve and Measure Productivity: One stop portal where you can send, receive, track and pay for all your outsourcing needs in one HIPAA-compliant place.
Anywhere, Anytime: You can access evident mill to
connect you to a lab or milling machine, check a
payment, or even generate a report 24/7.
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